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Imagine a world where functional doesn’t mean boring, where outstanding becomes the standard and where you are no longer pressed for time.

Why not try something different with The Siemens StudioLine vacuum drawer? A little-known versatile kitchen accessory that can be used for so much more than cooking sous-vide. Vacuum sealed bags can be used to preserve and store food or to add flavour or marinade foods such as meat, fish and fruits.

With Siemens hyperFresh technology - your fridge drawers can be set to different temperatures and humidity settings to keep your food fresher for longer.

Welcome to the new world of Siemens

Built in appliances, designed to perfection.


studioLine: elegance and function in perfect harmony.

The new studioLine appliance range: fascinating design, exciting functions.

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The inspiring studioLine range combines extraordinary design and a unique style. studioLine appliances are more than just highly functional equipment – they form part of an ambitious lifestyle and an expression of individuality. Siemens studioLine appliances are created for those who are not satisfied with the ordinary and want to turn every day into something extraordinary.

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